About Brad

Brad Schwartz is a native New Yorker who was born, raised and resides in the Town of North Hempstead, Long Island where he is now running as Democratic candidate for one of the most highly contested State Senate seats in NY.  His district (NY SD: 7) lies entirely within Nassau County where it shares its border with N.Y.C. As such a densley populated and diverse area, District 7 has become one of the most coveted swing seats in New York State politics. In fact, it has even been referred to as the “Key to Albany” since it single-handedly may determine whether Democrats win full-Party control of the State. This is because while New York already has a Democratic Governor and Democratic Assembly, its State Senate is almost evenly divided; with Republicans holding a slim single-seat majority (32-member GOP caucus out of 63 senators). That means, if Democrats can flip just one state senate seat, they could potentially win majority control of the entire NY state government!

And Brad is running for THAT seat. With 30% more registered Democrats than Republicans residing in his district, Brad's campaign is considered the Democratic Party’s best hope and opportunity to turn New York blue. Such a victory would have gamechanging statewide and national implications. For Democrats, Independents and Anti-Trump Republicans, Brad’s election could bring one of the most strategic States in America into the coalition of resistance against the Trump administration. 

That ranks Brad's campaign as a national priority. In fact, the numbers speak for the themselves. ​The seat Brad is running for holds the record for being the most expensive state legislative race in U.S. history. At $8.5 million, it rivaled the top 10 most expensive US Congressional House races of 2016. The number is staggering! However, it represents just how vital both Party’s consider Brad’s race on the New York and National stage.

Which is why the race is expected to be even MORE expensive this time. Republican Super PAC's will pour millions in corporate money to protect Brad’s opponent. But Brad is passionately optimistic that citizen action and strong grassroots will outraise the moneyed-special interests. In fact, Brad is a grassroots candidate. He is a citizen who finally said enough and decided to run for office. And he is driven by real life experiences that shaped his will to stand up and fight for causes he represents:

  1. One of these is affordable and accessible healthcare. Following a successful career in the television industry, Brad was struck with a debilitating case of Lyme Disease that left him bedridden for years. So, he understands first-hand the devastating emotional, physical and financial toll that living with a pre-existing condition has on patients and their families. That is why Brad supports passing a state-wide, Single-Payer Option to ensure sick and disabled residents of New York receive affordable health insurance and medical care in case the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is repealed or gutted.  A Single Payer Health bill has already passed the Democratic-led NYS Assembly with backing of Governor Cuomo. Yet the bill’s passage is currently obstructed by NY state senate Republicans. 
  1. Brad supports a bill by NY State Senate Democrats cleverly entitled T.R.U.M.P - acronym for: Tax Returns Unanimously Made Public. This legislation would require all presidential candidates to release their federal tax returns to qualify for the New York ballot and its 29 electoral votes. So, If Brad’s race succeeds in flipping the N.Y.S. Senate to Democrats, it would deliver the decisive seat needed to pass this bill in time to compel Trump to release his tax returns before the 2020 election.
  1. As an openly gay candidate, Brad believes in adequate rights and representation for ALL communities. However, his home region of Long Island (with its massive population larger than 20 individual US states) does not have a single LGBT elected official. So, Brad hopes to change that. But more pressingly, New York does not provide civil protections for its transgender residents whom can still be discriminated against. Which is why the NYS Assembly recently passed G.E.N.D.A (Gender Expression Non-discrimination Act). Unfortunately, a gang of 7 NY Republican state senators including the one Brad is running against, Elaine Phillips, exploited their caucus' slim-seat majority rule to kill the bill before it could even reach the floor for a vote.  Therefore, it would be a dual civil rights victory if Brad, as a member of the LGBT community, ousted and replaced an Anti-Trans Senator; while simultaneously winning the ultimate seat needed to finally pass GENDA! 

Together we can stand with Brad to move New York & America in the right direction. To learn more Brad invites you to contact him directly: Brad@Citizen4Change.com